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11th Year Anniversary

The Premiere Event for Horror, Travel, and The Paranormal.


Opening Night Film

"The Assent"

Pearry Teo

Closing Night Film


The Soska Sisters


BEWARE!  REAL, Local, Paranormal Footage & Haunted

Objects You Can Touch! Presented by Joshua P. Warren.


We want your shocking, bizarre, and innovative horror films!


Friday 22nd - Sunday 24th


 Present your most compelling real life video, photographic or EVP evidence of a ghost today FOR FREE!!!

The Artisan Hotel
1501 W. Sahara ave. Las Vegas, NV 89102

Shockfest Film Festival

Shockfest is Hollywood's 10 year running horror festival, specializing in showcasing the most intriguing, controversial, and groundbreaking content.  We pride ourselves in supporting the independent film maker with a unique screening experience, offering not only a home for your movie's screening or world premiere, but also direction for you to take your work once the festival is over.  


We celebrate originality, creativity and passion for the filmmaking process and offer a variety of awards for the select films that represent the very best in their class.  Shockfest is proud to provide you with an event like no other to share your work with industry professionals, fans and distributors alike as well as  offer the most immersive and interactive horror based film festival experience out there today.


The Only Film Festival

To Showcase REAL Paranormal Evidence

Prove the existence of
life after death
November 22nd - 24th

For hundreds of years, we have hunted in the dark to find proof of the paranormal, yet the scientific community has not come to a definitive stance on the subject of life after death.  If you have video, photo or recorded evidence of a ghost, spirit or supernatural entity, submit your findings for the opportunity to present it before a jury of experts to analyze, review and help us get one step closer to solving the mystery of the paranormal.  

The Travel Show

Showcasing the very best in roadside attractions, historic locations and vacation destinations.

Shockfest Film Festival 2019 is proud to introduce THE TRAVEL SHOW: A showcase of unique destinations to enhance your next major road trip or vacation experience.  Join us SUNDAY as we present the greatest attractions out there today and put forward the spots not to be missed when traveling across the United States.


Blood Manor

Bearded Lady's

Mystic Museum


Tom Devlin's 

Monster Museum


Forbidden Planet

The Crooked Path


Vegas Specialty Tours

The Union Brewery

The Morris-Jumel



Join us for a night of supernatural delight...


Event Schedule

To Be Announced...

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